About Us

Artemisia is a curated, online marketplace for Mexico based art collectors who are in constant search of growing, evolving and nurturing the collections they’ve built with time and love. All the works you'll find in our collection have been consigned by private collectors and are physically in the country.

Mexico is overflowing with curious, passionate, travel-loving collectors who are constantly educating themselves and therefore, adjusting the core focus of their collection. As a result, Artemisia aims to build a community of like-minded individuals where collectors can securely buy and sell artworks by international artists from their collections through a white glove, seamless experience.

Having already gone through the tedious process of importing an artwork into Mexico, you know that “complicated” does not even begin to cover it. So why not explore the untapped international secondary market that is already abundant in Mexico?

Consign with us

Submit details, images and any relevant information of the artwork you wish to sell to info@artemisia.com.mx Just remember that the artwork must already be physically in Mexico!


We will catalogue & virtually consign your artwork


Sell to our trusted network of collectors and art lovers


Once payment is received we will send you the sale price minus Artemisia's commission


Our professional team of art handlers will pack and deliver the artwork to its new home


Browse our collection of carefully curated secondary market artworks available


You can buy or reserve a work, or contact us for assistance!


We'll organize free, insured shipping within Mexico City and contact you to schedule delivery within 15 working days

Why should I purchase art via Artemisia?

Artemisia is the first platform of its kind in Mexico for discovering and collecting contemporary art by tapping into the abundance of international, secondary market artworks that have already been imported into Mexico. The team, which has 10 years of expertise in the art market, Artemisia searches for and consigns artwork that is otherwise not available in galleries or auction houses in Mexico, from respected art collections within the country. We provide the possibility of curating and nurturing your art collection with top quality artworks, without the hassle and expenses involved in importing and international shipping, through a seamless, white-glove experience. You'll find all the information on the artists, artworks, the documentation available, and more so that you can make an informed and trustworthy purchase.

What is secondary market art?

The first sale of an artwork, whether it’s through a gallery or straight out of the artist’s studio, is referred to as “primary market.” The secondary market deals in works that have already been resold by their owners through private dealers, auctions houses, secondary market galleries or a platform like Artemisia. It’s important to note that secondary market can refer to a work from any era - the term isn’t exclusive to modern or contemporary art. And why do collectors want to sell a work once they've bought it? There's a million and one reasons: it doesn't fit into their collection anymore, supply and demand of an artist, to buy something else, and more...

How can I buy artworks on Artemisia?

It's very easy and safe. Browse our collection of works, select, and once you find a work you love, you can - 1) Buy the work straight away via PayPal or a variety of credit cards, 2) Pay a low fee online to reserve the work so that you may pay the remaining balance via credit card in the allotted time or 3) contact Artemisia if you'd like to discuss payment options or anything else.

As soon as full payment is received, Artemisia will get in touch with you to schedule delivery.

Tell me more about selling/consigning artwork with Artemisia

First, please keep in mind that we need the work to already be physically imported to Mexico. Send us an email with images and all the relevant information of the piece you’d like to consign. Once the consignment has been accepted, Artemisia will schedule a visit to view and catalogue the work. Our virtual consignment model allows for your artwork to physically remain in your possession, but we do ask for an exclusivity contract to be signed, for an agreed period so that we may better serve you. We'll take care of everything - selling, charging, scheduling pick up and delivery. You won't have to lift a finger!

When does my consignment show up on Artemisia's website?

Once the work has been catalogued, your work will be live on the site within 5 business days.

How can I ensure the authenticity of the artworks?

All the artworks featured on Artemisia have been screened by our team of experts to verify their quality. Before accepting a consignment, Artemisia performs due diligence on the artwork, its provenance and authenticity. There is a tab in the artworks’ page that informs the buyer of the documentation available and when it is bought, it is shipped and delivered with its paperwork. This includes certificate of authenticity from the artist studio or its estate, and/or the provenance history or any other documentation deemed relevant. We pride ourselves in being transparent.

How are prices set?

Through tangible, art market research tools such as auction results, and intangible tools like our vast network of contacts, Artemisia will define the price according to its market value at the time. The price will be presented to the consigner/seller. The price is also defined by criteria such as the artist's reputation, the size and quality of the work, method of production, market demand, amongst others so that if you as a buyer want a second opinion on the price, experts will agree. This is standard secondary market pricing.

What's Artemisia's sale commission?

The commission varies based on several factors. Once we've received your submission we'll be able to determine it. Auction houses charge between 12% - 25% commission - Artemisia's will be lower than that.

What currency does Artemisia use?

All the artworks in Artemisia are in Dollars (USD).

If I'm a buyer, can I negotiate or make an offer for an artwork?

If it has been previously agreed upon with the seller, of course! Artemisia can negotiate on behalf of the seller. Click the “Contact Artemisia” button on the artwork's page to initiate a conversation with us. Personalize your message, share any information you deem relevant and within 24-36 hours, we’ll get in touch with you.

How do prices work?

IVA is already included in the price you see and everything is quoted in dollars (USD) as that is the art world currency.

I am hesitant to purchase an artwork without seeing in person, can that be arranged?

It used to be very tricky to buy an artwork without seeing it in person but it has actually become the norm as galleries sell a large percentage of their inventory via PDF! A viewing can be organized at an extra cost for logistics as we "virtually" consign artworks.

What are the payment options?

You can pay the artwork's reserve via PayPal or credit card. The remaining balance of the artworks must be paid by wire transfer, in which case your order will go through once your transfer is confirmed. As IVA is included in the price, Artemisia will provice the buyer with a factura.

What does "reserving a work" entail?

On every artwork's page you'll find a "Reserve" button. Through it you can pay a minimal fee with your credit card to reserve an artwork and then you'll have 7 business days to pay the remaining balance via bank transfer. If you would like more time or if you would like to discuss paying in installments, don't hesitate to contact us at info@artemisia.com.mx

The benefit of reserving the work is that no other member will be able to purchase it while you pay the remaining balance. However, please note that the reservation fee is non-refundable.

Will Artemisia keep my identity confidential?

Yes. We will not reveal your details to anyone except to schedule pick up and delivery with Morillo Shk., our trusted art shipping partner, once the work has been bought and paid for.

Can I return the work?

The buyer has 24 hours upon receiving the artwork to contact Artemisia. We only accept returns if there is severe damage to the work that was not mentioned in its condition report. Artemisia will send someone from the team within three days to inspect the work. If the return is accepted, the work must be return in the same conditions in which it was received, including the same packaging.

The return will be taken at the price of the 'factura' whereby the buyer understands that he or she will be charged an administrative fee plus the transportation cost. Both will be left at the discretion of Artemisia.

In case a return is applicable, do I get a full refund?

You'll get a refund minus the cost of shipping and a handling fee.

How does shipping work?

Shipping and transportation insurance is included in the price and will be taken care of by our trusted, professional shipping parter, Morillo Shk.

More questions?

For anything and everything that crosses your mind, just send us an email to info@artemisia.com.mx and we'll be more than happy to help.


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